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Jim in the 9th ward

The Center for Mind-Body Medicine

Ordinary people making extraordinary differences in Southeastern Louisiana by Linda Sechrist “After Katrina, I received mops and buckets from disaster relief. From the Mind-Body Center for Medicine, I got my life back.” Mindy Milam, Licensed Clinical Social Worker   In the midst of the chaos experienced during post-Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, Haiti’s 7.0-magnitude earthquake, the [...]


Grow, Pick, Grill

Making the Most of Summer’s Bounty Claire O’Neil Kale, Potato and Chorizo Pizza. photo by Steve Legato In outdoor spaces from Cape Cod, Massachusetts, to Arch Cape, Oregon, produce is growing and grill embers are glowing. Growing a garden and grilling its bounty have never been more popular. For the first time since 1944, when [...]

adorable kitty

Pet Food Perils

Lurking GMOs May Hurt Our Pets Dr. Michael W. Fox Like a canary in a coal mine, dogs serve as sentinels, drawing our attention to health hazards in our shared home environment and in the products and byproducts of the food industry. Multiple Health Issues In the mid-1990s, as genetically engineered or modified (GE, GM [...]


Fair Trade Chocolate

The Sweetest Treat S. Alison Chabonais Valentine’s Day almost qualifies as a national holiday. Love’s in the air and more than $1 billion in candy is flying off U.S. shelves, most of it women’s number one favorite–chocolate. But how much do we know about this sweet we treat ourselves to on a near-daily basis? For instance, few [...]


Celebrate The 7 Days of Valentine’s

Fun Ways to Enjoy the Holiday Start a week before Valentine’s Day: Day 1 – Light a candle at dinner Day 2 – Gift a pair of tickets to a movie, show or game Day 3 – Write three short love poems to say how you feel Day 4 – Fly four balloons, proclaiming “I [...]


CrossFit Workouts

Expect Whole-Body Functional Fitness Michael R. Esco CrossFit, a strength and conditioning program used by the military over the past decade, is growing in popularity with recreational athletes. While most traditional exercise plans target a specific area of fitness—like jogging for cardiovascular health or weightlifting for strength—CrossFit focuses on all of them by combining many [...]


The Gift of Empathy How to Be a Healing Presence

How to Be a Healing Presence Margret Aldrich When someone is suffering, it can be agonizing just to listen—we feel compelled to jump in with advice or stories of our own trials, filling any awkward space or moments of silent air with word upon word. The first rule of empathy, however, is listening in silence. [...]


Natural Awakenings’ Bodywork Guide

In 2010, the nonprofit Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, in Los Angeles, published the results of research done by its department of psychiatry and behavioral neurosciences that confirmed centuries of anecdotal evidence: People that undergo massage experience measureable changes in the responses of their immune and endocrine systems. For millennia, therapeutic touch has been used to heal [...]


A GMO-Free Grocery List

What Foods You Should Avoid According to a recent article published inGreen American magazine, 93 percent of Americans believe that genetically modified foods should be labeled. However, only USDA-certified organic products cannot intentionally contain genetically modified organisms (GMO), so identifying GMO foods and products in a typical U.S. grocery store is difficult. The following information can [...]


Be Supplement Savvy

How to Choose Wisely for Optimal Health JAMES OCCHIOGROSSO According to the U.S. Office of Dietary Supplements, nearly half of us regularly use some kind of dietary supplement, including vitamins, minerals and botanical herbs. While mainstream media have recently targeted supplements with alarming coverage about their value and safety, James J. Gormley, former editor of Better [...]


Fracking Wrecks America’s Bedrock

Clear and Present Dangers SANDRA STEINGRABER Current environmental policies must be realigned to safeguard our health, sustain planetary life-support systems and free us from dependence upon fossil fuels. Under the misleading banner of clean and green, the global natural gas rush is on, and nowhere more so than in the United States. We are literally [...]


GMO Truths and Consequences

Health and Safety are Question Marks MELINDA HEMMELGARN The food industry tells consumers that genetically engineered foods are safe. On university campuses, agriculture students learn that such genetically modified organisms (GMO) are both safe and necessary to feed the world. The Council for Biotechnology Information, a biotech industry-supported nonprofit, even created a coloring book to [...]


Healthy Lifestyle Tweaks

Surprisingly Simple Changes for Feeling Good Kathleen Barnes All of us have heard the admonition: “Eat lots of veggies and exercise daily and you’ll live a long, healthy life.” There’s no question this advice is sound, but what about other helpfully healthy lifestyle adjustments we can make? Experts attest that doing easy things, such as [...]


Raw Food Diets for Pets

Weighing the Pros and Cons Sandra Murphy As with their own food, dog and cat owners are reading pet food labels more closely these days to evaluate ingredients and their sources. American pet food companies may outsource to foreign manufacturers, sometimes with disastrous results. Various brands of dry dog food (kibble) and treats have been [...]


Live Your Dash

The little dash between the day someone was born and the date he or she departed ultimately represents every breath and step we take in life. Make yours matter—live in your now!


How a Brain Grows

Try these scientifically backed tips, designed for parents and caregivers, to positively influence a child’s developing brain.

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