Advertise your healthy, sustainable, conscious or socially responsible business or organization in Natural Awakenings.

Natural Awakenings is a free, monthly magazine focused on healthy living, offering a breadth of creative marketing expertise that can be used to reach your specific advertising goals. We seamlessly integrate national and local content, creating synergy and resources unmatched by other health and wellness publications.

Integrated Approach

With over 17 years of publishing Natural Awakenings, we know what works and have developed various systems and strategies for effectively advertising and promoting businesses to our readers. We work with you utilizing all of our knowledge and “tools” to create an integrated marketing approach. Our display ad design process is an integral part of this well thought out strategy. So, you get a great ad paired with effective use of quality editorial content, delivered to the right people at the right time.

More Than a Magazine

Natural Awakenings is your marketing partner. Our goal is to partner with you, to get to know your unique situation, and to help you meet your goals. We do this by listening. We listen to what you want to accomplish. We listen to your hopes and dreams for your business or professional practice. We listen to your passions and how you hope to help the community. Based on this information, we put together a marketing campaign that aligns with your goals, promotes your business, and delivers name recognition.

Green, Local and Committed

Every issue of Natural Awakenings is a green issue, printed on recycled newsprint with soy-based ink. Our magazine is totally recyclable and even compostable. Natural Awakenings magazine of S. E. Louisiana is locally owned. We are proud to support the Metro New Orleans economy … naturally. We believe it’s important to educate and inform our readers about local experts and professional like you who are committed and passionate about creating a healthier, more sustainable world, and who inspire change by owning and operating healthy living and earth-friendly businesses like yours. It takes courage and determination to do what you do, and we are honored to serve you. Together, we can create a powerful force to uplift our communities and change the world.

Multiple Advertising Opportunities

We offer a variety of promotional opportunities that connect your business and local happenings to our readers, and help you build and maintain your brand’s presence within your target market of health-conscious individuals. Through cutting-edge, inspiring print content and a dynamic, interactive website, Natural Awakenings helps you get connected and stay effective.

Natural Awakenings S. E. Louisiana is very attractive, with great rates and unique opportunities to promote your business with advertising editorials, contests, coupons, photo galleries, videos and more. We constantly update the site with new content, keeping it fresh with blogs and breaking news, along with our popular local and national features, including timely interviews with prominent leaders in their field. Maximize your visibility and take advantage of unique opportunities to promote your business with Natural Awakenings.