Action Alert

Sneak Attack on Dietary Supplements According to Scott Tips, president and legal counsel for the National Health Federation (NHF), harmonized global standards are enabling overall reduced vitamin and mineral levels in pill and food form. In February, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) proposed changes to both the current Nutrition Facts panel on food labels and Supplement Facts panel … Read More >


Give Freedom a Hand

Let Peace and Prosperity Ring Around the World Kirk Boyd 2048 is a plan to prevent wars, eliminate poverty and create the conditions for global sustainability by the time we celebrate the centennial of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, unanimously adopted in 1948 by all UN member countries. 2048 dispels myths, including a major misconception that peace and prosperity … Read More >


Super Cocktail Kills Breast Cancer Cells

“You cannot poison yourself into health. This is a law.” ~ Dr. Charles Majors, co-author, The Cancer Killers   Dr. Shailaja G.  Raj, a gynecologist and reproductive endocrinology and fertility expert with a clinical practice in the greater New Orleans area, knows that for many women their greatest fear is getting breast cancer. That’s why no one could be more excited about … Read More >


Report Says Prepare for Climate Change

On May 6, a coalition of more than a dozen federal scientific agencies released the government’s “flagship” report on climate change impacts and responses. The U.S. Global Change Research Program’s third climate change assessment – completed every four years – contains a plethora of information on the subject focused on the science and how each region of the country and various sectors … Read More >

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Moveable Feet

How to Make Walking Part of Everyday Life by Lane Vail Hippocrates called walking “man’s best medicine,” and Americans agree: According to the U.S. Surgeon General, walking is America’s most popular form of fitness. It’s free, convenient and simple. The Foundation for Chronic Disease Prevention reveals that 10,000 daily steps help lower blood pressure, shed pounds, decrease stress, and … Read More >


Bike to Work

The Two-Wheel Commuting Wow Paul Dorn People might start commuting by bicycle to improve their fitness, save money or support sustainability, but they continue because it’s fun. Ask a motorist about their commute and they’ll frown, at best. Ask a bicyclist about their commute and they’ll smile, and likely mention the endorphin rush, fresh air, wildlife spotted that morning, the new … Read More >

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Essential Culinary Herbs

The Must-Have Ingredients As any good cook knows, herbs are often the essential ingredients that coax the finest flavors out of any meal. In most cases, fresher is better, and even the smallest garden can provide a selection of pot-to-pan varieties. Here is a short list of must-haves. Basil, Sweet (Ocimum basilicum) Basil comes in several varieties, but sweet basil is the most common. The … Read More >

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A Good Midlife Diet Prolongs Health in Later Years

Plant-Based Foods Earlier on Help in the Future A Harvard Medical School study found that how well women age in their 70s is linked to the way they ate earlier in life. Researchers started with 10,670 healthy women in their late 50s and followed them for 15 years. Published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, the results saw fewer chronic diseases among women that followed diets heavy in … Read More >

Tapping hands

Tapping Acupressure Points Heals Trauma in Vets

Emotional Freedom Techniques Combat PTSD Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) may be an effective treatment for veterans that have been diagnosed with clinical post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), according to a study published in the Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease. EFT involves tapping on acupressure points while focusing on traumatic memories or painful emotions in order to release … Read More >

Mindfulness and Addiction

Mindfulness Meditation Reduces the Urge to Light Up

Natural Way to Fight Addiction Mindfulness meditation training may help people overcome addiction by activating the brain centers involved in self-control and addictive tendencies, suggests research from the psychology departments of Texas Tech University and the University of Oregon. Scientists led by Yi-Yuan Tang, Ph.D., studied 61 volunteers, including 27 smokers, randomly divided into … Read More >


Green-up Your Picnics

Make Simple Switches to Have an Environmentally-friendly Excursion  by Crissy Trask Hooray, summer’s here! It’s the time of year to gather family and friends, pack a picnic basket and head for the beach, the park or that secret spot only you know about. As you plan your next picnic, in addition to including healthy local organic foods, take another look at those familiar picnic staples. … Read More >

Boys to Men

Journey to Maturity

Setbacks Make Boys Into Men  by Nick Clements We all know hard-charging young men that have their foot planted firmly on the accelerator. They claim that easing off would damage their career and be an admission of failure. They are wrong. Those enjoying early successes can grow up overstressed by trying to stay on the fast track at any cost. These alpha boys are doing what they think others … Read More >

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Unleashing Unlimited Potential with Panache Desai

by April Thompson Born into an East Indian family in London, England, Panache Desai grew up steeped in spiritual practices like meditation. Though recognized by spiritual teachers as possessing a special gift, Desai rejected his spiritual foundation as a teenager, trading it for the excitement of London’s rave music scene of the 1990s before moving to America. It wasn’t until he was 22 … Read More >

Don’t Fence Me In: Go with a free range gobbler

Jordana Gerson For most Americans, memories of Thanksgiving focus on succulent, brown, juicy birds and a week of turkey sandwiches and cranberry sauce leftovers. While these images are typically guilt-free, the truth is that most turkeys come from industrial farms, where producers are more concerned with quantity than quality, raising the fowl under often foul conditions. Tottering under the … Read More >

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The Center for Mind-Body Medicine

Ordinary people making extraordinary differences in Southeastern Louisiana by Linda Sechrist “After Katrina, I received mops and buckets from disaster relief. From the Mind-Body Center for Medicine, I got my life back.” Mindy Milam, Licensed Clinical Social Worker   In the midst of the chaos experienced during post-Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, Haiti’s 7.0-magnitude earthquake, … Read More >


Grow, Pick, Grill

Making the Most of Summer’s Bounty Claire O’Neil Kale, Potato and Chorizo Pizza. photo by Steve Legato In outdoor spaces from Cape Cod, Massachusetts, to Arch Cape, Oregon, produce is growing and grill embers are glowing. Growing a garden and grilling its bounty have never been more popular. For the first time since 1944, when 20 million “Victory” gardeners produced 44 percent … Read More >

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Pet Food Perils

Lurking GMOs May Hurt Our Pets Dr. Michael W. Fox Like a canary in a coal mine, dogs serve as sentinels, drawing our attention to health hazards in our shared home environment and in the products and byproducts of the food industry. Multiple Health Issues In the mid-1990s, as genetically engineered or modified (GE, GM or GMO), corn and soy were becoming increasingly prominent ingredients in … Read More >


Fair Trade Chocolate

The Sweetest Treat S. Alison Chabonais Valentine’s Day almost qualifies as a national holiday. Love’s in the air and more than $1 billion in candy is flying off U.S. shelves, most of it women’s number one favorite–chocolate. But how much do we know about this sweet we treat ourselves to on a near-daily basis? For instance, few may know that cocoa contains nearly twice the … Read More >


Celebrate The 7 Days of Valentine’s

Fun Ways to Enjoy the Holiday Start a week before Valentine’s Day: Day 1 – Light a candle at dinner Day 2 – Gift a pair of tickets to a movie, show or game Day 3 – Write three short love poems to say how you feel Day 4 – Fly four balloons, proclaiming “I love you” Day 5 – Give five favorite flowers or recorded songs Day 6 – Sweeten Valentine’s with six … Read More >


CrossFit Workouts

Expect Whole-Body Functional Fitness Michael R. Esco CrossFit, a strength and conditioning program used by the military over the past decade, is growing in popularity with recreational athletes. While most traditional exercise plans target a specific area of fitness—like jogging for cardiovascular health or weightlifting for strength—CrossFit focuses on all of them by combining many types … Read More >


The Gift of Empathy How to Be a Healing Presence

How to Be a Healing Presence Margret Aldrich When someone is suffering, it can be agonizing just to listen—we feel compelled to jump in with advice or stories of our own trials, filling any awkward space or moments of silent air with word upon word. The first rule of empathy, however, is listening in silence. Miki Kashtan, writing for the Tikkun Daily interfaith blog, points out that … Read More >


Natural Awakenings’ Bodywork Guide

In 2010, the nonprofit Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, in Los Angeles, published the results of research done by its department of psychiatry and behavioral neurosciences that confirmed centuries of anecdotal evidence: People that undergo massage experience measureable changes in the responses of their immune and endocrine systems. For millennia, therapeutic touch has been used to heal the body … Read More >


Greening the Gras to Boost Local Economy

By Colleen Morgan Verdi Gras is a nonprofit established last year to advocate for more environmentally sustainable Carnival practices. The group’s motto is “Throw me something recycled!” On December 4, the Verdi Gras krewe held the first Economic and Environmental Impact of Mardi Gras Conference at Café Istanbul in the New Orleans Healing Center to explore ways in which a greener … Read More >


Be Supplement Savvy

How to Choose Wisely for Optimal Health JAMES OCCHIOGROSSO According to the U.S. Office of Dietary Supplements, nearly half of us regularly use some kind of dietary supplement, including vitamins, minerals and botanical herbs. While mainstream media have recently targeted supplements with alarming coverage about their value and safety, James J. Gormley, former editor of Better Nutrition and … Read More >


Fracking Wrecks America’s Bedrock

Clear and Present Dangers SANDRA STEINGRABER Current environmental policies must be realigned to safeguard our health, sustain planetary life-support systems and free us from dependence upon fossil fuels. Under the misleading banner of clean and green, the global natural gas rush is on, and nowhere more so than in the United States. We are literally shattering America’s bedrock to bring … Read More >


GMO Truths and Consequences

Health and Safety are Question Marks MELINDA HEMMELGARN The food industry tells consumers that genetically engineered foods are safe. On university campuses, agriculture students learn that such genetically modified organisms (GMO) are both safe and necessary to feed the world. The Council for Biotechnology Information, a biotech industry-supported nonprofit, even created a coloring book to … Read More >


Healthy Lifestyle Tweaks

Surprisingly Simple Changes for Feeling Good Kathleen Barnes All of us have heard the admonition: “Eat lots of veggies and exercise daily and you’ll live a long, healthy life.” There’s no question this advice is sound, but what about other helpfully healthy lifestyle adjustments we can make? Experts attest that doing easy things, such as going braless, walking barefoot or using a … Read More >


Raw Food Diets for Pets

Weighing the Pros and Cons Sandra Murphy As with their own food, dog and cat owners are reading pet food labels more closely these days to evaluate ingredients and their sources. American pet food companies may outsource to foreign manufacturers, sometimes with disastrous results. Various brands of dry dog food (kibble) and treats have been recalled for melamine contamination or other … Read More >


How Unconditional Love Harmonizes Our World

Marci Shimoff Explores its Transformative Power Judith Fertig A self-described “seeker from the get-go,” Marci Shimoff, is an expert at helping others effect greater personal fulfillment and professional success. The noted transformational leader, speaker and author has written two bestselling books on happiness and unconditional love—Happy for No Reason: 7 Steps to Being Happy from … Read More >


Live Your Dash

by Linda Ellis Have you ever walked through a cemetery or read an obituary and pondered that small, seemingly insignificant dash between the day someone was born and the date he or she departed? This oftenoverlooked little line ultimately represents every breath and step we take in life. Until an epiphany awakens us to the brevity of this dash with which we have been blessed, true … Read More >


How a Brain Grows

Five Ways to Aid Development by Lisa Marshal Parents that believe playing Beethoven for their infant, investing in educational videos for their toddler or forcing schoolage youngsters to sit still and study for hours will help them to build a better brain have another “think” coming. "People are anxious to do everything they can to improve their child’s intelligence, yet many are … Read More >


Step into Fitness

Dance your way to a beautifully strong and flexible body. by Sandra Murphy Richard Simmons grew up in the French Quarter of New Orleans where, he notes, “Lard was a food group and dessert mandatory.” Exercise studios were geared to those already in shape, not to people that wanted to lose weight. So in 1974, Simmons opened Slimmons studio, followed by his classic exercise video, Sweatin’ … Read More >


Changing the Way America Eats

Nourishing the Shift to Farm-Fresh Foods by Melinda Hemmelgarn Kentucky farmer and writer Wendell Berry states that in order for people to care about their food, “They have to taste it.” Tasting the difference between fresh, local, organic foods and those that travel hundreds or thousands of miles before touching our taste buds is catalyzing a healthy change across America. Consider the … Read More >


Cooling Chronic Inflammation

Dietary Solutions Counter Disease by Linda Sechrist It’s important to note that wounds and infections would never heal without the presence of acute inflammation, the body’s normal biological response to harmful pathogens, damaged cells and irritants. Although this protective measure to initiate the body’s natural healing response is often misrepresented as being synonymous with … Read More >


Natural Summer Skin Care

Protective Tips for Sunny Days by Kathleen Barnes Now that much-anticipated beach vacations, gardening, outdoor sports and other outside summer activities are on our calendars, it’s time to practice ways to protect skin from sun damage. The medical profession has reported loud and clear that too much exposure causes dryness, wrinkling, premature aging and even skin cancer. Yet, many … Read More >


Sweet Survival

Bees & Superbees Update While bee colonies die off around the world, pesticide chemical companies continue to protect their businesses by lobbying against bans on neonicotinoids, a group of nicotine-based toxins designed to paralyze insects by attacking their nervous systems. And that, claim critics, includes honeybees. Mounting authoritative research undermines the pesticide … Read More >