Distribution and Readership

As one of the largest national publications serving the natural living community, including S. E. Louisiana, Natural Awakenings reaches nearly 3 million readers each month who are interested in leading a healthy and sustainable life. We publish 12 issues a year, with a national circulation over 1.2 million in approximately 80 cities. No other locally focused publication can claim the brand recognition we have across North America.

Our local Natural Awakenings S. E. Louisiana edition is distributed in over 700 locations throughout Orleans, Jefferson and St. Tammany Parishes, including health food stores and cafés, restaurants, spas, salons, libraries, fitness facilities, retail stores, doctor’s offices, book stores, supermarkets and wherever free publications are generally found. Due to the magazine’s popularity, we often restock copies at many of these distribution points on a regular basis. Some featured outlets include Whole Foods Market, Rouse’s Supermarkets, Robert’s Fresh Market, Subway, PJ’s Coffee, Ochsner, Touro Infirmary and the Elmwood Fitness Center.

Natural Awakenings distributors and staff often hear from local area businesses that our magazines are more popular than our competitors when placed side-by-side. What’s more, Natural Awakenings readers often refer to each issue of the magazine again and again, providing repeat exposure for your business.

Pick up your free copy of Natural Awakenings S.E. Louisiana at a location near you. Here is a sampling of our major distribution sites by area.


Acquistapace’s Supermarket
Coffee Rani
Columbia Street Natural Foods
English Tea Room
PJ’s Coffee Shops
Rouses Supermarkets
Springs of Life Health Food
St. John’s Coffeehouse
Subway Sandwich Shops
Sunshine Garden Health Foods

Compounding Corner

Coffee Rani
PJ’s Coffee shops
Rouses Supermarket
Smoothie King – some locations
The Nutrition Company/Vitality Juice

Brewgier Organic Coffee
Camellia Produce
PJ’s Coffee Shops
Rouses Supermarkets
Ruby’s Natural Foods
Subway Sandwich Shops
The Medicine Shoppe


Breaux Mart
Caffe Latte Da
Elmwood Fitness Center
PJ’s Coffee Shops
Subway Sandwich Shops
Taqueria Corona

Café Du Monde – Esplanade Mall
Chateau Café
Coffee House Café
Rouses Supermarket
Smoothie King
Subway Sandwich Shops

Breaux Mart
Caffe! Caffe!
Casso’s Wellness Store
Morning Call
Nature Lovers Health Foods
PJ’s Coffee Shops
Royal Blend
Rouses Supermarkets
Smoothie King – some locations
Subway Sandwich Shops
Whole Foods Market

Breaux Mart
Café Luna
Castellon Pharmacy
Chateau Café
City Hall
Coffee Rani
Fairgrinds Coffee House
First Cup
Gott Gourmet
Hey Café
Laurel Street Bakery
La Boulangerie
Lakeview Brew
Lakeview Grocery
Magazine Mini Mart
Mardi Gras Zone
New Orleans Food Coop
New Orleans Public Library – Main Branch
NOLA Grocery
Robert’s Fresh Market
Rouses Supermarkets
Rue de la Course
Smoothie King – some locations
Subway Sandwich Shops
Taqueria Corona
Terranova’s Market
The Beanery
The Market on Esplanade
Verti Mart
Village Café
Whole Foods Market
Zotz Coffee House

Carr Drugs – Gretna
Common Grounds Coffee Shop – Gretna
Health Food Hut – Harvey
Majoria Pharmacy – Gretna
Smoothie King – some locations
The Coffee Shoppe – Belle Chasse


Natural Awakenings S. E. Louisiana reaches 60,000 readers every month who are intensely loyal. They are progressive, well educated and well informed. They are at the leading edge of an increasingly recognized demographic that has been dubbed “LOHAS,” which refers to those who want “Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability.” Their purchasing decisions are value-driven and significantly affected by their concern about both human and planetary health.

• 70% are female

• 80% purchase products or services from ads seen in Natural Awakenings

• More than 51% have annual income exceeding $50,000

• 82% are between the ages of 25-54

• 77% are interested in buying vitamins, herbs or supplements.

• 71% are interested in finding a new healthcare practitioner.

• 70% are interested in buying organic foods.

• 66% are interested in getting massage, bodywork, Reiki or similar services.

• 39% are interested in planning a spiritual, holistic or health related travel vacation.

• 34% are interested in purchasing natural personal or beauty products.

Natural Awakenings magazine rated higher over TV, radio, Internet and other print publications as the #1 source for health-related information.

What commands such loyalty?

Natural Awakenings carries immense credibility as a free community-based magazine created for the grassroots community we serve. Readers know us as a reliable source of local news and intriguing events, practitioner spotlights, affordable local resources and a popular community calendar. We present national feature articles, compelling interviews, the latest in healthy living, and inspired how-to’s that make their lives a little brighter.

The best way to reach these consumers is to partner with a brand that caters to this market. At Natural Awakenings, we have spent the last decade doing just that. We know what it takes to reach these consumers, to educate and inform, to influence purchasing decisions and to promote healthy, sustainable lifestyles. We have the content, reach, expertise and readership to get your goods and services noticed in print and online.